Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Article: Prima ipotesi sul limite orientale dell’abitato dell’antica Ercolano

Just out: the latest number of the journal "Oebalus. Studi sulla Campania nell'Antichità", which includes the results of new research to identify the extent of ancient Herculaneum. Prima ipotesi sul limite orientale dell’abitato dell’antica ErcolanoDOMENICO CAMARDO, ALDO CINQUE, GIOLINDA IROLLO & MARIO NOTOMISTA

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

News: Belusconi to buy Pompeii!

From Italy Chronicles:

Berlusconi to buy Pompeii
Italy’s culture minister has confirmed that ex-Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, is to buy the historic site of Pompeii near Naples in Italy.
“Negotiations are at a advanced stage”, said minister Franceschino who went on to state that the sale should be completed by mid-April this year.
Full details of the Berlusconi Pompeii purchase deal have yet to emerge, though Italy’s press is reporting that the agreed price was somewhere in the region of €7 million.
Read the full story here.

Oxbowbooks special offer on 'Pompeii: Art, Industry and Infrastructure'

Just a quick post as you might like to know that 'Pompeii: Art, Industry and Infrastructure' (paperback), edited by Kevin Cole, Miko Flohr and Eric Poehler, is on special offer on Oxbowbooks for only £9.95.  Click here.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Pompeii Research Seminar Series 5: Dr. Anne-Marie Leander

Dr. Anne-Marie Leander of the University of Lund gave the penultimate lecture in the seminar series Pompeii: The Present and Future of Vesuvian Research at Leeds with a paper entitled 'Focus on innovation in the study of insula V.1, Pompeii.’ Director of the Swedish Pompeii Project, the lecture Dr. Leander gave included images of the stunning 3D digital visualisations of insula produced as part of their work. The video of the paper can be viewed here

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Pompeii Research Seminar 4: Professor Andrew Wallace-Hadrill

The fourth installment of the research seminar series 'Pompeii: The Present and Future of Vesuvian Research' held at the University of Leeds was given Wednesday by Professor Andrew Wallace-Hadrill (Cambridge) with a paper entitled 'Herculaneum: Can we save the sites?' The lecture can be accessed here.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Pompéi chez les Poinssot

Check out this article, 'Pompéi chez les Poinssot', by our fellow-blogger Sandra Zanella on Pompeii-related materials in the Poinssot Archive, held at the Institut national d'histoire de l'art (INHA) in Paris. Poinsott is particularly well known for his work at Dougga in North Africa, but he and his family amassed an impressive library that covers many archaeological sites. It's great to find more information about it.
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